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Contact: katrinrilves@gmail.com

Developmental edits
I look at the structure of your work, your plot(holes), characterisation, setting consistency, pacing, your style, etc. This is a ‘the whole picture’ type of edit: I look at everything. I will not fix your spelling or grammar, or do line edits, unless that is part of our agreement, but I will look for weak points in your prose.

I charge a reading fee of 40€ for works in the range 10-60k, 60€ for works in the range 60-80k and 80€ for works in the range 80-120k. Anything longer than 120k: contact me and we’ll discuss it. I charge the reading fee as that’ll allow me to figure out how much work your manuscript needs so I can give you an accurate estimate of the time, the cost, and the work. This is also the point at which you decide whether you’ll want my services or not, and the reason why I charge a reading fee; it takes time to read a whole manuscript and sketch out the work plan.

For works in the range 60-80k: 250€ for the first ten hours of work and 30€/hour for every additional hour.
For works in the range 80-120k: 335€ for the first ten hours of work and 30€/hour for every additional hour.
For works longer than 120k or shorter than 60k: we’ll discuss it after I’ve read your manuscript.

Line edits
I tighten up prose to make your text flow smoothly. I also edit for clarity.

25€/hour + reading fee.

I’ll edit a sample of 1-3 pages (included in the reading fee) before we proceed.

Copy edits
Spelling, grammar, and fact-checking. I do British spelling.

20€/hour + reading fee.

I’ll edit a sample of 1-3 pages (included in the reading fee) before we proceed.

Sensitivity consult & sensitivity read

I can offer sensitivity consults (consulting on a topic before you start writing your manuscript, or early in the drafting process) and sensitivity reads (checking your work for accurate portrayal while still in the drafting phase*) on the following topics:
– afab agender, nonbinary and trans nonbinary characters
– demisexual and other aspec characters
– demiromantic and other arospec characters
– bisexual/biromantic characters
– characters with a hearing impairment (not deaf)
– any intersection of the above.

For works up to 40k: 100€
For works in the 40-60k range: 120€
For works in the 60-80k range: 140€
For works in the 80-120k range: 160€
For works in the 120-200k range: 200€
For longer works: Contact me and we’ll discuss it.

*I can be persuaded to do a sensitivity read if your work is at the final draft stage, but there will be an emotional tax surcharge of 50%.



What kind of editor are you?
My goal is to help you bring the story you want to tell, your way, into the light. I am not here to cramp your style or make your story bend to my tastes. My feedback on your story will never be solely “red pen”, I will always point out which parts are brilliant already and are particularly clever, touching, funny, and good. I can be blunt at times, but I am never intentionally unkind.

Why do you charge in euros? Can I pay in x currency?
I’m European and live in Europe, so I charge in euros. I’ll accept American dollars and British pounds at the exchange rate given on the day we ‘shake’ on it.

How do I pay you?
I’ll send you an invoice through paypal.

Do you offer payment plans?

What is your availability?
My workload varies from month to month. When you contact me about my services, please also tell me when you’ll need it done by so I can let you know right away whether I have any open slots within the given timeframe.

What is the emotional tax surcharge?
It’s my experience that writers who haven’t had a sensitivity consult or read early in the drafting process are looking for a sensitivity read at the final drafting stage as a stamp of approval, and not because they genuinely want to improve the representation in their work. Those writers inevitably react negatively when I tell them they need to make changes to their work in order to remove hurtful words, phrases, or portrayals. The surcharge is an emotional tax because by accepting a late-stage sensitivity read, I am putting myself at risk for abuse.

How do I contact you?
My email address is katrinrilves@gmail.com.



K has been editing my fiction for years and can always be counted on to catch my grammar mistakes. They also explain why those mistakes are mistakes, point out weak sentence construction, and offer their opinion on plot points if I ask. I’ve learned and improved a lot working with them.

– D Rodil, promo producer

Katrín Ilves has been editing my fanfiction and original work for over ten years and her feedback has not only improved the final product each time, but has helped me grow more confident in my strengths as a writer and work and improve on my weaknesses. She has a sixth sense for spotting plotholes, and her advice and encouragement have been invaluable to seeing my longer manuscripts to completion.

palavapeite, writer

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